Technically, it's not a school or college series - and yet it takes you back to the memories of your late teenage years.

 This humorous trip down school memory lane premiered at the first edition of Canneseries (festival for television programming).

A romantic drama based on college life, What's Your Status is slow to pick up, but once it holds your interest, it's hard not to binge watch

This romantic comedy benefits from some truly memorable one-liners, and an able cast.

Presented by The Timeliners, this web series is a refreshing change because it presents the misadventures of college life

Presented by Girliyapa, Girls Hostel takes you back to the age of roommates, stolen goodies, the senior-junior bonds, and the inimitable 'hostel life'.

Kota Factory (by TVF), as the name suggests, is based on Kota's uncanny ability to 'churn out' toppers for engineering entrance exams.

Developed by comedian and former IITian Biswa Kalyan Rath, the first season of Laakhon Mein Ek also presents the harsh reality of the entrance exam system in Kota.