Without a doubt, 'Kafan' is one of his best short stories. It depicts the emotions and struggles of Ghisu and Madhav, the poor father and son duo

Do Bailon Ki Katha Before beginning his story, Premchand asks how, of all the animals, it's the donkey that came to be called the dumbest?

Poos Ki Raat Yet another masterpiece from Premchand. Poos is a local word for Poush- a month in Hindu calendar that begins from mid December till mid-January.

Eidgaah We've all read this story at least once in our lifetime. 5-year-old Hamid lives with his grandmother after his parents pass away

Thakur Ka Kuan throws light on the degrading condition of Dalits in the old days when they were denied clean drinking water by people from upper caste

Boodhi Kaaki Like most of his stories, this one highlights the struggles of a poor and helpless soul.