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NEET UG 2022: Easy to moderate paper, check subject-wise analysis here

NEET UG 2022: On July 17, the National Testing Agency (NTA) announced the results of the National Eligibility Completion Entrance Test, or NEET UG 2022. One of the major medical entrance exams for students seeking admission to undergraduate programmes attracted over 18 lakh applicants this year. The NEET UG 2022 was straightforward to moderate generally, according to the experts’ input. While Botany was moderate to tough and Zoology was moderate, Physics and Chemistry fell into the easy to moderate category.

Experts have provided a thorough analysis of all four NEET UG 2022 parts for the benefit of candidates. Here are several examples:


60 percent of the paper was composed of numericals, which is slightly less than the 2021 Exam.

Of a contentious passage in a physics question about the photoelectric effect, stopping potential values were swapped out.

In contrast, the chapter Oscillations featured challenging queries.

There were no questions that went beyond NCERT in the physics section, which was entirely based on NCERT.

Section B contained some questions that were somewhat challenging.

Two questions, one in Section A and one in Section B, used the Matrix-Match Type pattern and required additional time to answer.

Like last year, the paper wasn’t very long, so finishing it on time should be simple.


On assertions, facts, and tables from NCERT, the majority of questions are based.

Statements are unchanged straight copies of NCERT statements.

Assertion Section A introduced questions of the reason kind. To properly respond to such queries, conceptual depth and clarity are required.

There are just 11 numerical questions on the test, most of them are theoretical.

One of the questions has a typo that prevents it from matching the right answer.


Some of the questions are challenging and seem complex.

only NCERT textbooks are used for the questions.

Some questions derived from the text of NCERT textbooks are simple.

With a few concept-based questions, the questions are mostly factual in nature.

2 questions from Living World and Anatomy of Flowering Plants are wrong.

The paper was quite long because many of the questions required answering lengthy statement-based questions, which took time.


The Zoology Paper was rather long

Some questions could seem simple at first glance, but they are actually complicated and demand accuracy and attention to the keywords.

Some questions from Biomolecules and Biotechnology and its Applications that go beyond NCERT are an unexpected aspect.

NCERT textbooks are used for the majority of the questions.

With 8 questions based on it, chapters from the biotechnology textbook have dominated heavily.

Despite the paper’s strong NCERT focus, two to three of the questions seem to be connected and need for a thorough comprehension of several ideas.

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